Sapiens Decision

Accelerate your business with Sapiens Decision

The speed of your business is a differentiator.

Getting products to market faster, reducing operating costs, and growing markets, all require the business to respond quickly.

Challenges in managing business rules in enterprise systems have long been a barrier impacting the speed of change. The answer is to separate business logic from the underlying rules or workflow technology, and have the business manage updates in near real time.

Unlock business logic and increase the speed of your organization. Learn more below or downoad the PDF.

Challenges in making policy changes impact speed

Regulatory & business policy changes

Product requirements

Must identify all rules affected by change

Inability to update logic in legacy systems quickly

Cycle times for coding, testing and deployment can take months

IT required to make all changes and maintain logic

Ability to manage and launch products quickly is diminished

Decision separates business logic to be managed as an asset

  • Logic extracted from applications and workflow
  • Bullet-proof integrity – validate and test as you design logic
  • Code generated directly from decision model – “no code”
  • Full traceability from code back to policy for rapid change management

Extract decision logic from applications
Decision logic coded within any application or business rules engine is extracted using automated tools, to be managed separately

with low code / no code platform

Business Analysts become empowered citizen developers, gaining the ability to design, test and deploy logic automatically, with limited reliance on IT

new functions and products, fast!

New decision models can be created and reused to extend functionality, build dynamic customer journeys and launch new products rapidly

Creating more speed, lower costs and happier customers

Reduce change cycles from weeks to hours
Complete 90% of changes without IT involvement
Reuse 70% of logic
“No code” development for 4x productivity gain
Increase NPS by 14 points and Customer Sat. by 10%