With Decision Automation, you’ll produce the perfect loan for each customer, perfectly.

How would you like to respond to a loan request with a product that is custom built and customer responsive?

And what if you could do it quickly and easily?

Meet Sapiens Decision.


Competition in the mortgage industry is intense and moves fast. High turn times, lags in developing new products and rework create delays. And due to outdated processes, business requirements take too long to implement. All of these are business rules challenges that impact gain on sale margins and growth.


Sapiens Decision enables greater agility without having to replace your existing LOS or hire expensive IT resources. Manage your cost per loan, cycle times, customer satisfaction, and quality with easy-to-use tools. And do it faster, at lower cost, and with greater accuracy. That’s logic unleashed.

Decision Automation = Logic Unleashed.

Here are just a few use cases in mortgage. Contact us for others.

View Mortgage Specific Examples

Automated credit policy

Gain control of your AUS to manage and enforce non-agency and agency overlay policy based on your own specifications.

Automated credit policy

New Product Development

Create new options for your borrowers while ensuring salability to investors by automating complex comparisons, validations, and calculations for any loan scenario.

New Product Development

Loan origination and quality tools

Meet investor standards and automate manual processes for calculating and verifying borrower income from various sources and with multiple income types.

Loan origination and quality tools

Automated compliance

Automate disclosure/redisclosure triggers to ensure the right disclosures are sent to loan applicants on time throughout the origination process.

Automated compliance

“The speed by which we have needed to grow and manage change in the complex mortgage environment was a major factor in our selection of Sapiens Decision.”

Phil Miller, Chief Operating Officer

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