With Decision Automation, your legacy can be your customer service instead of your code.

How would you like to increase your straight-through processing and produce great customer experiences?

And what if you could do it quickly and easily?

Meet Sapiens Decision.


Traditional business rules management makes underwriting and claims operations high touch for the wrong reasons. With rules locked up in your policy administration system, policy updates can take months, manual referrals remain stubbornly high, customer loyalty is tested, and getting new products to market fast is just wishful thinking.


Sapiens Decision extracts the logic in your policy administration system to be managed centrally with easy-to-use tools. No need to rip and replace your policy administration system or rely on IT for policy updates. Create fastest-path customer journeys, automate more underwriting, and launch products faster.  That’s Decision Automation – logic unleashed.

Decision Automation = Logic Unleashed.

Here are just a few use cases in insurance. Contact us for others.

Claims Automation

Give your customers a user experience that builds loyalty and increases first day settlements for claims FNOL by automating adjudication decisions.

Claims Automation

Underwriting Automation

Increase straight-through processing for new business and renewals by reducing the number of policies sent to manual underwriting and rationalizing rules for greater consistency.

Underwriting Automation

Business Responsiveness

Enable your business to respond quickly to changes in market conditions, regulatory updates, and even weather related perils by managing business logic independently.

Business Responsiveness

Policy Administration System Transformation

Decouple your business rules from your policy administration system to achieve greater flexibility, transparency, and performance.

Policy Administration System Transformation

"Decision is a massive transformation capability."

Ramu Lingala, Chief Technology Officer
State Auto Insurance

"Sapiens Decision is helping GUARD streamline the quoting process and increase agent satisfaction, with lower IT dependencies and improved business agility and control."

Carl Witkowski, Chief Operating Officer
Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies

"The Sapiens Decision team took the time to understand our approach and philosophy. This was important in building our partnership to create a new way of delivering digital claims."

Harriet Parkinson, Head of International Claims Operations
Hiscox Insurance

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