Sapiens Decision Professional Services

We invented Decision Automation, and now, we’re reinventing it.

Just to keep the other guys guessing.

Client engagement models

Passionate about solving your business problems, our experts will turn you into experts.

Our experts help you get value quickly.

We work side by side as you gain expertise.

Your team leads. We’re there to support.

Initiation: First time out can be daunting. Our job is to put you at ease and ensure success. Project charter, target operating model, and sprint zero planning are just a few of the tools we leverage.


Training: The path to expertise starts here with carefully constructed training programs designed to bring your team up to speed quickly.


Modeling: Decision-aware business process modeling, decision architecture, and decision modeling bring the clarity to your requirements that has been missing.


Deployment and Integration: Making it all real is the fun part. It’s straightforward, and we can help with anything specific to your environment.

Deployment and Integration

Certification: Our certification program is a great way to recognize your team’s growing capability. Click here to learn more.


Center of Excellence Services: When you’re ready to move from project to organizational design, we can help with roadmap, staffing, and planning.

Center of Excellence Services

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