LIIFT 2022 will bring together over 200 senior insurance leaders from the North American marketplace to discuss innovation and the future of the industry through a series of interactive focus groups and presentations.
Innovation is the central theme of the event with focus on realizing truly data-centric organizations, further success in digitization, and the overhaul and revamping of legacy systems and processes.
Sapiens Decision Co-founder, Larry Goldberg, will be presenting an overview of Decision Management with an introduction to Automated Logic Extraction (ALE), a new AI based solution that extracts business logic in legacy code to decision models.
CIOs need a way to manage business logic contained in mission critical legacy systems and avoid the time and expense necessary to refactor code through a major technology transformation. And when modernization is unavoidable, CIOs need a fast path to legacy system transformation.
ALE creates an on-ramp to Decision Management, enabling businesses to accelerate time to market, gain efficiencies and transform their operations.
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