Product announcement

Sapiens Decision’s new product strategy embraces AI

Sapiens Decision announces its comprehensive product strategy, named Decision.AI, to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into existing and planned products.

Model.AI is the first release of a multi-release product strategy empowering business users to unlock tremendous value by combining AI and Machine Learning within their Decision Management processes.

Model.AI incorporates a generative AI capability using ChatGPT into our flagship Decision Manager product, integrating with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, to transform the way that business decision models are created. This is expected to reduce the time required to create a conventional decision model by 30% or more.

Additional AI based products will have broad applicability in the Insurance, Banking, Public Sector, and Healthcare industries.

Learn more about the new Decision.AI strategy and portfolio products.

Rafi Goldberg, Head of Sapiens Decision and Tim Lenahan, Executive Strategist, discuss the Decision.AI strategy and new/enhanced products that will drive AI based decisioning.

With Model.AI, decision modelers will now be able to input business policies from virtually any source, written in conversational English, and have it automatically translated into a decision model.

The follow-on release planned for early 2024, will enable business users to easily integrate ML models within their decision models to gain full insight into their decision components.

Includes a simulation capability enabling organizations to assess the impact of rule changes on their book of business in near real-time.

An enhancement of Sapiens Decision’s current Automated Logic Extraction product for extracting business logic from legacy systems at scale without disruption, reduced performance, or loss in functionality.

Aimed at enhancing the business user’s ability to work with data required from external sources for rendering a response from the decision model.

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